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Here is some essential camping and tactical gear needed for survival situations.

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1. Water and Water Purification
– Water containers or bottles
– Water purification tablets or filter
– Way to boil water (pot, camp stove)

2. Fire Starting
– Lighters/matches (waterproof)
– Flint and steel
– Tinder (dryer lint, waxed paper)
– Kindling and fuel for fire

3. Shelter
– Tent or tarp
– Space blanket
– Cord/rope
– Duct tape

4. Navigation
– Map of the area
– Compass
– GPS device
– Whistle (for signaling)

5. Knife/Multi-Tool
– Fixed blade or folding knife
– Multi-tool with pliers, scissors, etc.

6. First Aid Kit
– Bandages, gauze, antiseptic
– Medications (painkillers, antihistamines)
– Medical scissors, tweezers

7. Clothing
– Rain jacket/poncho
– Warm layers
– Hat, gloves
– Extra socks

8. Signaling Devices
– Flashlight/headlamp
– Mirror
– Flares/strobes
– Whistle

9. Food
– Non-perishable, high-calorie foods
– Camping stove and fuel
– Pot for boiling water
– Utensils

10. Miscellaneous
– Sun protection (sunscreen, hat)
– Insect repellent
– Hand warmers
– Duct tape
– Cordage/rope
– Can opener
– Sewing kit

The exact gear will depend on factors like environment, climate, number of people, and duration you plan to be in a survival situation. Having the right equipment can greatly increase your chances of survival. Interested in adding tactical products to your business? We have the wholesale hookup. Dropshipping is provided by our group of US based wholesale tactical gear distributors & wholesale drop shippers.

Here is a list of common tactical gear used by military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts:

1. Tactical Body Armor/Vests
2. Tactical Helmets
3. Tactical Holsters
4. Hydration Packs
5. Gloves
6. Knee Pads
7. Boots (Tactical)
8. Tactical Flashlights and Headlamps
9. Night Vision
10. Tactical Binoculars
11. Multi-Tools and Survival Knives
12. Tactical Backpacks
13. Tactical Pants
14. Ballistic Plates and Inserts
15. Gas Masks and Respirators
16. Ear Protection (Electronic and Standard)
17. Eye Protection
18. Solar powerbanks
19. Radios and Communication Devices, CB Radio
20. Tactical Pens
21. Emergency Blankets and Sleeping Bags
22. Carabiners
23. Paracord
24. Fire Starters
25. Survival Kits and First Aid Kits
26. Meal Replacement Bars (MREs)
27. Portable Power Sources and Chargers
28. Tents and Shelters
29. Camouflage Clothing

This list covers a range of gear used for various tactical operations, outdoor adventures, tactical / survival situations, and emergency preparedness.

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